Rental Service

We Know

The importance of buyers' investment. With experienced realtors and professional property managers, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our diverse team has experience in Marketing, Leasing, Utilities, Collections, and Accounts Receivable.

We Offer

Providing accurate and transparent service to homeowners and business owners and responsive service to tenants and landlords in Metro Vancouver.

Full Property Management (Residential and Commercial)

We Provide rental property supervision and management, from rent collection tenant relations, evictions and mortgage and bill payments to disaster protection and property maintenance etc. Our property management service will eliminate your headaches of being a landlord that lives far away from the property.
  1. Finds you qualified tenants
  2. Does any required screening
  3. Vetting of potential renters
  4. Move-in and move-out property inspections follow by Tenancy Act
  5. Rent collection and deposits
  6. Monthly and annual financial reporting
  7. Overseeing any required repairs or maintenance
  8. No up-Charging on third-party invoices
  9. Arranging for any Maintenance and Repairs of the Property
  10. Verifying damage or theft after a tenant checks out.
  11. Provided Owner Portal for easy access your monthly statement.
  12. Knowledgeable in residential Tenancy Act.
  13. Payment of Disbursements Authorized by Owner
  14. Handling tenant relations
  15. Non-resident withholding tax services

Rental Building (Multi-Family) Management

Whether your purpose of buying a whole building for rental (multifamily building) is for a life-time asset or a short-period of property investment, you will need an experienced property management company to foresee your property issues and get the things done.
  1. Organize your property record from maintaining history to accounting.
  2. Provide a guideline of managing detail (for multi-family property).
  3. Provide an effective online platform for viewing documents easily.
  4. Customer relationship management
  5. No top-up fee for maintenance.
  6. A transparency third-party billing procedure

We also offer Special package for multi-family finance only service.
  1. Payment receiving/payment
  2. Finance report for Monthly and yearly
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