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Welcome to our Residents Corner where we value our residents time and know it is important. Our Resident Portal is quick, easy and simple. Choose from a wide variety of services like pay your rent online, view your rent history, submit maintenance requests, be a part of an active online community, and many more. In addition to that our system is mobile friendly on most devices, providing you access on the go.


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Renting a home in BC

When you pay the rent to live in someone’s property who dose not live with you and has your name on a tenancy agreement, then you would be considered as a tenant and protected by the Residential Tenancy Act.

  1. No application fee. (Be award of some property management company will charge the application fee. “PLEASE SAY NO”)
  2. Understand and respect to tenant rights and responsibilities.
  3. Has a written residential tenancy agreement with the owner or manager of the property.
  4. Half of monthly rent as your Security deposit.
  5. Pay the rent on time.
  6. Signed move-in and move-out condition inspection required.

If you rent a condo/apartment/townhouse

You also subject to the the Strata Property Act and the Strata’s bylaws and rules.

You will also require the following:

  1. Have a “Form K”- Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities from landlord or manager of the property
  2. Pay the move-in/out fee (not refundable).
  3. Book an elevator before you move-in/out.

Additional Information

  1. Information on Residential Tenancies
  2. Information on Tenant in Strata